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Brightside Eggs is a family owned and operated poultry farm.  We are 3rd generation farmers, our partner farm is our dairy farm which was started by our Oma and Opa in the 1950’s.  We are so privileged to be raising the 4th generation on the farms.  Our farmers young and old love animals, with our generational knowledge being in dairy cows we have loved the adventure of learning from the hens.  We are committed to sustainable and humane farming practices, animal care and animal health are the most important parts of our work.  

We put our hearts and souls into our work producing food for local families. 

We look forward to meeting you at the farm.




The hens at Brightside Eggs are raised in a cage free, free range aviary barn; the girls are free to fly, scratch and scamper the day away with access to fresh air and sunlight, hens have wonderful natural instincts and will go outside when the weather suits them.   The girls are raised without the use of hormones, anti-biotics or any synthetic chemicals in either feed or flock management.  The girls have open access to feed and water and eat a strictly vegetarian organic, non-gmo diet.  

Your eggs are hand picked and sorted each day by a member of the Brightside family.  You will find your ungraded eggs in a recyclable egg carton that can be purchased from our convenient on farm vending machine.  



Why are some eggs different sizes & shapes? 

Eggs come in many different, shapes sizes and colors, these things depend on the hen and the hens diet.  You will find eggs of all shapes and sizes in your #brightsideegg cartons because our eggs are hand graded.  You never know you might just get your self a double or triple yolker one of these times. 

What makes an egg organic? 

Our egg farm is certified organic, each year we go through a rigorous audit process with our certifier ECO-CERT Canada. Organic Hens live in open concept barns equipped with nest, perches & dust bathing area’s. They are fed a Vegetarian Organic Diet, free from GMO’s and any Synthetic chemicals. They are given access to outside when the weather conditions permit. We adhere to the Canadian Organic Standards

Why aren't the girls (aka the hens) always outside?

The hens are intuitive creatures.  They can sense the outside conditions and will only make their way to the pasture when the conditions suit them.  

Why are the eggs brown? 

Brown Hens lay brown eggs. White Hens lay white eggs. 

How much are the eggs?

1 dozen of our organic free range eggs are $7.00 and 2 dozen are $13.00

How our Vending Machine Works